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Welcome on “Friends of Sighet”

The foundation “Friends of Sighet” was founded on October 31, 1995 and has since been working hard to engage in a number of projects in the town Sighetu-Marmatiei. Sighet, as we call it, lies in the Maramures region of northern Romania against Ukraine.

Over the years we’ve helped our projects have expanded. In the first year we traveled to Sighet, we had a van with a trailer full of supplies. We had took an ambulance joining us. When we saw what was needed there, we decided to continue our actions. The following year we went with two vans and trailers. The goods were intended to help the hospital and a home for mentally handicapped children. That same year we again went to Romania with a trailer full of supplies. During our stay we were asked if we wanted to help a school for mentally and physically disabled children. So, over the years we have increasingly helped the people there to give them what is necessary and what they need.

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